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!Hero The Rock Opera - Starring Michael Tait
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Rock Concert meets Broadway Musical meets Video Game
Suitable for the Entire Family!

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What others are saying:

“One of the most unique music-based shows I have ever seen... the potential reach of this matchless stage performance is unlimited!” — Rick Welke/R&R Magazine

“...shook up the story of the gospels with breakdancing, split-second video images and songs in the key of the 21st century.” — Donna Isbell Walker/Greenville News

“...all the makings of great drama, love, betrayal, temptation, and murder... very entertaining.” — Mark Lowry/Ft. Worth Star Telegram

“...the show was so intense... very emotional.  This show can shake up your life in a real way.” — Darren Garrett/NBC5/WMAQ-TV Chicago

“...loud, fun and engaging.  !HERO is exhilarating, the music is rocking and catchy.” — Todd Hertz/ Christianity Today

“...!HERO brought the gospel to life with grace, grit and unflinching faithfulness... !HERO moves and challenges.” — Mary A. Jacobs * Dallas Morning News

‘...every show in every city has been met with rave reviews... as well as standing ovations that last for several minutes after the curtain call.” — Rick Welke/R&R Magazine

!Hero Rocks San Antonio 

“...quite a spectacular it was.” — Terry De Boer/Grand Rapids Press

“I give !HERO two thumbs up...” — Mark Mooring/Christianity Today

“!HERO is certainly the event of this year...” — Tru-dat.music

‘...begins with the word imagine... at the end the word is awesome...” — Brian Bowers/Stars and Stripes

“...it brought the gospel into a different light... totally cool.”— Ashley/herouniverse.com forum

“...a fresh slant on the epic with some memorable music and dramatic moments.” — Terry DeBoer/Grand Rapids Press

“It was an epic climax capable of inducing chills within believers and a moment that could possibly even soften the hardest of hearts.” — Andy Argyra/CCM Magazine

2006 Tour


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